About Incwell Co.

Supporting the creative economy since 2013.

Founded in the heart of North Louisiana, Incwell began with a simple offer to design a local music festival’s website. “Scope creep” is an understatement, and doesn’t do justice to the absurdly rewarding experience that resulted. Opportunities to collaborate with and support other organizations followed; services ranged from securing tax-exempt status, to developing funding strategies and obtaining grants, to managing customer communications and planning events. With time, a lot of cursing, and a number of hard-truth moments, the purpose Incwell would serve became clear:

To inspire and enable creative minds to strategically pursue their passions.

Defining our areas of expertise broadly as Words, Numbers, and Ideas, we exist to execute whatever ancillary needs your organization or project may have, so that you can focus on your mission. We lead ourselves with authenticity, empathy and enthusiasm, to weave the client’s voice and values into everything we produce.

In 2018, Incwell Co. relocated and fell madly in love with Atlanta. We now serve organizations across the country in a variety of industries.

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